Friday, March 9, 2012

“People are becoming more materialistic. They are concerned with making more money and what money can buy.” What is your opinion on being materialistic? You should write at least 350 words.

     When we talk about materialistic, the word money will appear on the spot into our minds. Actually, materialism is not completely about money. The term materialism is a theory that physical matter is the only or fundamental reality, that all being, processes and phenomena can be explained as manifestation or results of matter. Have you ever thought that materialism will be an asset to a country. Materialism also affects in the domain of economy, individuality and also in moral beliefs. Shall we discuss about it? Let us start it now!

      In this century, money is compulsory to a person to earn his or her life in this developed country. Money is necessary in all niches of a person’s life as everything needs money. Nowadays, there are many things that an individual desires on as he or she intends to own all of the valuable things. However, to achieve what they are fancy, they grasp to the saying, ‘Poverty waits at the gates of idleness’. They have to strive on doing their work to obtain extra money in order to purchase the things that they are willing to as the saying goes, ‘Money talks’. Besides, money begets money. Since they have money, they tend to create more and more money as they are becoming dissatisfied with their standard of living. Many consumerists said that they found happiness and enjoyable. Nonetheless, do not count your chickens before they hatched. Does materialism cause happiness? Materialism is related to personal well-being, life satisfaction, and happiness. To date, a substantial body of research in both consumer behavior and psychology suggest that highly materialistic individuals appear to be less happy (an affective indicant of well-being) and are more unsatisfied with their life compared to individuals with lower levels of materialism.

       Bill Clinton used to say that in the new economy; information, education, and motivation are everything. In today’s knowledge-based economy, what you earns depends on what you learn. Now let me ask you a question, are you aware that materialism has an immense effect on economics? Let us discuss about it. What is the definition of economy? Let me share it with all of you. Economics is a science that studies on how society share their resources to meet their needs. In a matter of fact, some economists insisted that materialism cannot affect economy as economy is created because of the existence of materialism. It only affects communism and socialism. Moreover, at a microeconomic level materialism tends to increase the wants which drives the economy forward. There is a quote stated that unlimited economic growth has the marvelous quality of stilling discontent while maintaining privilege, a fact that has not gone unnoticed among liberal economists. Economists at Hoover Institute,Stanford University state that the consumers spend nearly 70% of the US gross domestic products(GDP). GDP is the calculation for total economic output. Consumers are forced to spend their non-refundable income to obtain more goods due to an approach towards the economic materialism. As the demand in market is surging, so the firms have to supply more products to meet the demand of the consumers that renders into economic growth. This will unleash more business opportunity. Therefore, this boosts the spending which consequently increases the GDP. When the economy is dampen, either country or the people shall get benefits from it.

       On top of that, materialistic seem can turn one’s behavior and moral beliefs. A polite and humble person can transform the manner into a rude and arrogant one. Thus, he or she is willing to do anything to get hold of what they intend to do or what they want, encompass crime.  It is true that money is the root of all evils as it is the main cause of wrong doing and problems. The level of crime in the society will increase if people keep on being materialistic. Therefore, these negative attitudes will affect the personality of a person. An Arabic scholar used to say that ‘a thing that being done regularly, then it will not being just a habit but eventually come up as a compulsory’. However, Roland Gift, a wise man said, ‘I think I am a materialistic person, value what it takes to make a car or build nice house, but how it changes people depends on how they react on it.’

       As a conclusion, money appears to have both positive and negative effect on our behavior. On the one hand, it encourages self-sufficiency and hard work, but on the other side it discourages some positive social interaction. Our life on earth is, and ought to be, material and carnal. But we have not yet learnt to manage our materialism and carnality properly, they are still entangled with the desire for ownership. In addition, materialism also contributes much in the nation’s economy. Spending power of society will boost economy to an advance level besides creates more business chances for booming trade. Materialism also influences one’s behavior and moral beliefs. So, how much do materialism prevails or affects your life?

Friday, March 2, 2012

A survey on the performances of the learners in English Language

Q:  A survey was carried out by the Literary Society of your learning institution on the decline in the English Language performance. As a secretary of the society, you are asked to write a report on the survey. Your report should integrate all the information given below. You should write 150 to 200 words.

Performances of the learners from the year
 2002 until 2004

 The data informed about the performance of the learners and the causes that lead to the decline in the performance of the English Language Result.

Firstly, the number of students who scored C’s in English dominated with a gradual increase while there is a small portion of students who scored on A’s being a minority for each year. There is a plateau growth from 2002 until 2003 and it’s sharply decrease in 2004, for the students who failed because most of them have performed well in English. Next, the fundamental reason that contributed to the declining of performance of students by 43% is they think that English is not a compulsory paper to pass. Most of their parents did not encourage them to perform well that lead to the causes of decreasing of English Language Result by 15%. The number of students who got A’s and B’s collapsed from 2002 to 2003 and it is flatten out for 2004 due to the shortage of trained English teachers and lack of English reading materials.

As a settlement, by encouraging students to practice English in their daily life, equipping more trained teachers and reading extra English materials will induce the performances of the students to perform well .

Monday, February 27, 2012

                  A doctor told a mother, “She’s just fat because you’re feeding her with wrong things and of course it leads to bad dietary habits. You need to work on and exercise regularly”. “ But I hate exercise! ”. The mother than said, “ Does she has health problem then cause obesity? ”. The doctor answered, “ I’ll do some check-up to confirm it.” These conservations are famous among children who experience obese. Most of them do not care about themselves even though they know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Thus, they are more prone to get diseases.  Childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years.  An estimated 17% of children and adolescents (aged 2-19 years ) are obese in United States of America (U.S) . The increase of the number of fast food outlets is not the main cause of obesity.  Obese children are at risk for numerous health problems during their youth and adulthood. Let us discuss about it.

The most relevant reason that leads to obesity, is surely from one’s diet. Such a huge different impact when we take a proper balanced diet instead of a bad eating style. A bad eating habit can simply be explained as an improper way in taking daily diets. For an example, taking fast food, sweets and junk foods, leads to this problem-obesity .  A research had shown that most children nowadays tend to frequently consume sweets and the fast foods rather than foods that are equipped with nutrients required for their body development. From our basic knowledge, the main component of sweets is sugar, which contributes most in obesity. As this eating style seemed to occur continuously and frequently, how can obesity been avoided?

What is the other main cause that contributes to the children’s obesity? Let us play a riddle. Most of the children and even adult despise to do it. It requires us to move around and use our body so that sweat will be produced. Can you guess it now? If your answer is exercising, you are absolutely an excellent thinker. Good job! Plus 10 marks. Now, let see then...Exercising in the matter of fact is vital for us. Majority of the people out there have misunderstand the term exercising. It is not necessary for us to go to the gym or recreational spot just to exercise. Times wait for no men. Walking is also a type of exercising. Instead of using elevator or lift, what don’t we use stairs to save time besides maintaining the heart rate at the optimum level. Moreover, children would love to do the activities if their parents and teachers encourage them wisely. I am sure that these youngsters will be jubilant to exercise or jogging with their parents and families as the more people, the more merrier. But, how do the exercising assist the obese children?

              Actually, the children got obesity because they are lacking in exercising. I am definitely sure if they change their lifestyle and open a new leaf in their life, they will lose their weight and gain the confidence back. Usually obese one is afraid to face the others because they used to think that people are looking at them obnoxiously. A stumble may prevent a fall. Parents, teachers and friends should help these obese children to solve the problem because obesity is no joke. This is because it is proven in the health statistics that the childhood obesity is responsible for over 300,000 deaths each year from all over the world. What a number, isn’t? Grief divided is made lighter. Of course the first step is the hardest. But we must try it all out because no pain no gain. Advice and motivate these youngsters to participate in sports and co-curriculum activities may be a marvelous idea. Communicating with them to exercise will get them out of the complication. Don’t dig your grave with your own knife and forks. Obstacles teach us the flow of life. Who knows through the great experience of recovering from obesity , the child dreams to help others who have the same problem with him.

             Moreover, the other causes of obesity among children are related to health condition which has a correlation with the genetic factors. A child with an obese parent, brother or sister is more likely to be obese as the obesity tends to run in families, especially for twins. Identical twins that have the same genes system are believe to be more prone to be obese than non-identical ones. These can be concluded that children’s obese are due to the genetic diseases or hormonal disorders. For instance, the thyroid is a gland found in the neck which releases hormones which control metabolic rate and child growth. Scientists have focused on the role of thyroid hormones in child obesity, with some suggestions that a problem with the thyroid may be responsible for some cases of overweight children. However, this remains controversial, and the research from the Regional Hospital of Bolzano in Italy is likely to add to the puzzle. The changes in thyroid structure they found were similar to those found in a disease called Hashimoto's thyroiditis, a condition in which the body's own immune system attacks the gland. See? The other disease appear! It is true that a stitch in time saves nine.

              As a final analysis, children who are obese are more likely to have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes. Not to mention the psychological toll obesity has on children, which can lead to drug and alcohol abuse, depression , eating disorder and other health issues. Parents should aware of this solemn issue so that they will not be blamed for killing their children with kindness. We have learnt that through the obesity, one may experience other acute disease. The main reason that lead to children obesity is not only because of the fast food but also the health conditions such as genetic  diseases or hormonal disorders. The other causes that contribute to the overweight is lacking in exercising and bad dietary habits. Teach them the importance of eating healthily, prevention is ultimately better than cure. Diligence is the mother of good fortune. Let us begin it now to change our lifestyles into a better one! Would you accept the challenge?

Saturday, February 25, 2012


           Do you know that among all the well-developed and rich countries, U.S with a loose law in the usage of semi-automatic weapons has been nominated as a country that has the most number of deaths due to gunshot compared to other European nations? This is why cooperation in banning the semi-automatic weapons between government, society and individuals will ensure the safety and serenity of our country as well as to the whole of our beloved world.

The holder of the power for banning the usage of semi-automatic weapons which is the government itself has its own reason on its action. First of all, the usage of this assault weapons had given a big impact on behavior of the citizens. They became more arrogant and aggressive due to the powerful weapons they owned. No more respect to others, polices and the government itself. Hence, the meaning of a proverb, “prevention is better than cure” had been taken in order to build a peaceful environment for the country itself. Besides that, the usage of semi-automatic weapons can be very dangerous and harmful to the noble people. It cannot be handled manually. For a perfect example, a single shot from the mouth of a gun or shotgun, not just a bullet but can be into three until eight bullets per shot. See, how dangerous it is? That is the primary reason why the government should ban it to prevent death by this powerful machine arose from year to year.

        The banning of the assault weapons had been started since 1990’s. These dangerous weapons have no sporting or civilian use. That is why their combat features are appropriate to military, not civilians. Moreover, these highly lethal weapons will jeopardize the society. The safety of public officers, families and communities will be threatened by dangerous people like terrorist and felons if the government gives a green light to the access of life-threatening, military-style weapons. Once the weapons are allowed to use, people will not be hesitate to use it without control. This will put our world in detrimental situation. Statistics has shown that 49% of the citizens in U.S choose to support the weapons ban and 51% had chosen to oppose it. This phenomenon has shown that many people still ignore the fact that the weapons cannot be our pal. A long life might not be good enough but a good life is long enough. Everyone can change the thought as it is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.

       There are inadequate alternatives to assault weapons for self-defense. First time thinking about it, this is the best weapons to be used for protecting one’s live. A shotgun, rifle or pistol is all adequate means of self-defense. They are powerful weapons with heavy destructive force. They can easily kill multiple assailants in rapid succession with properly usage. Sadly, a huge number of users of this high technology weapons lack with the proper skills of managing and controlling it. On this account, is the possession of guns or assault weapons really contribute in ‘self-defense’? Furthermore, assuming that ownership involves risks, the ownership of more deadly assault weapons may increase the risk of unwanted death and accidentally mutilation. A fact, more home-owners are killed by gun-ownership, than they are saved. So, why should the usage of this dangerous weapon not be banned?
           As a conclusion, when an individual prefers an alternative way in self-defensing than the dangerous weapons, he will escape from the unwanted situation which can be caused by the weapons. If most of people have the same thought like him, peace will arise within our society since the weapons are banned. In peaceful environment, the people will be dedicated and proactive on their work which will result in rapid growth of economy. Thus it will generate a well-development country. But, in contrary, how far does the usage of weapons will ensure the tranquility and peacefulness of our country?

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