Saturday, February 25, 2012


           Do you know that among all the well-developed and rich countries, U.S with a loose law in the usage of semi-automatic weapons has been nominated as a country that has the most number of deaths due to gunshot compared to other European nations? This is why cooperation in banning the semi-automatic weapons between government, society and individuals will ensure the safety and serenity of our country as well as to the whole of our beloved world.

The holder of the power for banning the usage of semi-automatic weapons which is the government itself has its own reason on its action. First of all, the usage of this assault weapons had given a big impact on behavior of the citizens. They became more arrogant and aggressive due to the powerful weapons they owned. No more respect to others, polices and the government itself. Hence, the meaning of a proverb, “prevention is better than cure” had been taken in order to build a peaceful environment for the country itself. Besides that, the usage of semi-automatic weapons can be very dangerous and harmful to the noble people. It cannot be handled manually. For a perfect example, a single shot from the mouth of a gun or shotgun, not just a bullet but can be into three until eight bullets per shot. See, how dangerous it is? That is the primary reason why the government should ban it to prevent death by this powerful machine arose from year to year.

        The banning of the assault weapons had been started since 1990’s. These dangerous weapons have no sporting or civilian use. That is why their combat features are appropriate to military, not civilians. Moreover, these highly lethal weapons will jeopardize the society. The safety of public officers, families and communities will be threatened by dangerous people like terrorist and felons if the government gives a green light to the access of life-threatening, military-style weapons. Once the weapons are allowed to use, people will not be hesitate to use it without control. This will put our world in detrimental situation. Statistics has shown that 49% of the citizens in U.S choose to support the weapons ban and 51% had chosen to oppose it. This phenomenon has shown that many people still ignore the fact that the weapons cannot be our pal. A long life might not be good enough but a good life is long enough. Everyone can change the thought as it is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.

       There are inadequate alternatives to assault weapons for self-defense. First time thinking about it, this is the best weapons to be used for protecting one’s live. A shotgun, rifle or pistol is all adequate means of self-defense. They are powerful weapons with heavy destructive force. They can easily kill multiple assailants in rapid succession with properly usage. Sadly, a huge number of users of this high technology weapons lack with the proper skills of managing and controlling it. On this account, is the possession of guns or assault weapons really contribute in ‘self-defense’? Furthermore, assuming that ownership involves risks, the ownership of more deadly assault weapons may increase the risk of unwanted death and accidentally mutilation. A fact, more home-owners are killed by gun-ownership, than they are saved. So, why should the usage of this dangerous weapon not be banned?
           As a conclusion, when an individual prefers an alternative way in self-defensing than the dangerous weapons, he will escape from the unwanted situation which can be caused by the weapons. If most of people have the same thought like him, peace will arise within our society since the weapons are banned. In peaceful environment, the people will be dedicated and proactive on their work which will result in rapid growth of economy. Thus it will generate a well-development country. But, in contrary, how far does the usage of weapons will ensure the tranquility and peacefulness of our country?

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